Engineering Components

Delta Fire provides installation, maintenance and testing of all fire protection engineering components, ensuring full peace of mind at all times. All of our product suppliers are ISO certified and approved by leading regulatory bodies to ensure the utmost level of quality. Whether you are seeking hydrant valves, adapters and fittings, standpipes, booster points, or monitors, our selection of engineering components has everything you require.

Fire Protection Engineering Component Products

We work hard to provide our clients with quality that they can always trust. Our selection of fire protection engineering component products includes the following:

  • Hydrant Valves. Our fire hydrant valves are forged from high quality materials. When hoses are attached to hydrants, valves can easily be adjusted to provide sufficient flow to put out fires. We offer a range of valves that are suitable for on and off-shore applications. All valves are made from corrosion resistant materials to ensure the longest possible durability.
  • Adaptors & Fittings. We also provide high quality adaptors, fittings and couplings that have been designed to meet the often rigid quality guidelines of the fire fighting industry. These fittings are suitable to use in various applications, from wildfires all the way to structural fire fighting. Using the latest technologies throughout the manufacturing process, all of our adapters are created by ISO approved suppliers to further ensure full peace of mind. Our adaptors and fittings include female/female, male/male, female/male and universal adaptors and fittings that can be used with various apparatus and systems.
  • Standpipes. Delta Fire provides all the accessories and appliances you need for a full fire hose system, from inlets and valves to standpipes. As a leading supplier to the fire fighting industry, our products bare our seal of approval that has made us a trusted name over the last 30 years.
  • Booster Points. Our selection of booster points and hydrant assemblies include various valve and pipe arrangements that are made to suit diverse fire protection needs. Whether you require a simple system or something more complex, such as a fire brigade quad booster point to feed hydrants, this assembly is made to be easily set up and connected for additional water pumped to hydrants.
  • Monitors. We offer a comprehensive selection of monitors, ranging from small to medium flow to fixed site systems and portable or apparatus mounted systems. Our monitors include brass, stainless steel, remote control and many other options to suit the diverse needs of our clients.

In addition to product sales, we also offer full servicing and support across all areas of engineering components. For more information on our range of engineering component products in South Africa, contact us today.