Fire Detection and Suppression

Fire detection and suppression products include Co2 fire suppression systems, Inergen gas systems, FM 200 gas systems, analogue addressable detection systems and various other suppression systems that are made to reduce the risk of fire damage. These products are diverse enough to meet the unique needs of each industry, giving you a flexible range of solutions to suit your requirements.

Fire Detection & Suppression Products

Delta Fire provides a range of fire detection and suppression systems that are designed to protect your premises from disastrous fire hazards. Our core products in this category include the following:

  • Co2 Systems. Ideal for facilities facing unique hazards, this system offers a clean way to suppress fire without leaving any traces of harmful chemicals that could damage sensitive equipment. This reduces the clean-up time, helping your premises return to normal as quickly as possible.
  • Inergen Gas. Comprising a mixture of nitrogen, argon and C02, this gas has the unique ability to rapidly extinguish fire while providing a safe environment within the occupied area. This is due to the high level of nitrogen present when the gas interacts with fire, which decreases cardiac distress, maintains arterial blood oxygenation and even increases mental performance in the presence of low oxygen levels.
  • FM 200 Gas. This gas leaves no residue, reducing the need for costly clean-ups. FM 200 does not deplete ozone levels either, with a minimal environmental impact. This gas is fast-acting, stopping a number of combustible, flammable liquid and electrical fires before major damage is caused.
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Detection Systems. These systems are individually identified with an address number placed on a loop of wiring. The control panel communicates with each device, reporting back an analogue value according to the amount of heat and smoke that is present. This system can monitor changes caused by smoke or dust, recalibrating, self-testing and adjusting for day and night as well. The system can be integrated within CCTV and various other access control systems.
  • Ansul R102 and Piranha Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems. Ideal for the protection of food service kitchens, both of these systems offers excellent value. R102 Fire Suppression System integrates a flexible design with an effective ANSULEX Low pH Liquid Agent that reduces flames, cools hot surfaces, and generates a vapour securing blanket that reduces re-flash. The Piranha Dual Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System ensures a fast flame knockdown as well as water for fast cooling.

In addition to product sales, we also offer full servicing and support across all areas of fire suppression and detection. For more information on our range of fire detection and suppression products in South Africa, contact us today.