Fire Foam Application

Delta Fire stocks a variety of fire foam application in South Africa for use in fighting Class A and Class B fires. This range includes fire fighting foam, foam branches, fixed foam systems, foam compounds, and foam trolley units. These products have a wide range of uses that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Used alongside our fire fighting equipment and accessories, fire foam applications forms a vital part of the fire control process.

Fire Foam Application Products

We offer a number of fire foam application products at Delta Fire, all of which are manufactured by ISO compliant suppliers that share our stringent commitment to quality. Some of the products on offer in this category include the following:
Foam. Our wide range of high quality foam concentrates has been carefully chosen to ensure optimal effectiveness and safety. Fire fighting foams are divided into Class A and Class B classifications. Class A foams are mostly used to fight wildfires. Class B foams are best suited for putting out fires that involve flammable liquids. These fire extinguishing compounds can be used for fire retardants and fire fighting foams in various situations.

  • Foam Branches. We provide a selection of branch pipes. When attached to fire hoses, these parts help to ensure a strong flow of extinguishing fluid. At Delta Fire, you will find a variety of foam making branch pipes as well as nozzles. These are essential to produce mechanical foam.
  • Fixed Foam System. Typically used on-board ships, rigs and flammable liquid bunded areas, fixed foam systems are made for simple, fast operation. This system cools surfaces while suppressing flames and preventing re-ignition. Our fixed foam systems are used for a variety of applications, giving you the benefit of a foam tank, pump and proportioner that delivers foam capacity to suit your requirements.
  • Foam Compounds. High quality foam compounds have been carefully researched and chosen for their ability to extinguish flames effectively and quickly. These compounds have been rigidly tested in a variety of fire protection situations. Foam types include Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), Alcohol Resistant (AR-AFFF), Synthetic Class “A” Foam Concentrate, Wetting Agent, Fluoroprotein, and Protein.
  • Foam Trolley Units. These versatile, self-contained portable units are excellent for fast foam deployment, working especially well on liquid fires and chemical spills. Strong, dependable and made from high grade steel and other materials to prevent rust. Trolley units are also available for deployment of DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) and C02.

In addition to product sales, we also offer full servicing and support across all areas of fire foam application. For more information on our range of fire foam application products in South Africa, contact us today.