Water Delivery

Delta Fire supplies a wide range of water delivery products used by fire and rescue services and fire fighting trades and various other industries. Giving you the benefit of ISO certified suppliers and stringent quality control, our range includes a selection of products including fire hoses, couplings, branch pipes and nozzles.

Water Delivery Products

All of our products give you full peace of mind in knowing that the highest standards have been observed in the manufacturing and procurement process. Our water delivery products include the following:

  • Fire Hose. As a leading supplier of fire hoses for commercial, industrial and public buildings, Delta Fire offers a wide range of hoses, along with hose reels and accessories for various applications. Fire hose products are sourced from leading manufacturers, providing fire departments and emergency services with a fully compliant solution that includes attack fire hoses, supply and relay fire hoses, forestry fire hoses, booster fire hoses, suction hoses, and various other hose options.
  • Hose Couplings. We also provide high quality brass and aluminium fire hose fittings, adapters and couplings to meet your needs. All of our couplings and fittings are made by certified suppliers and manufactured to meet the often extreme requirements of fire fighting.
  • Hose Nozzles. Delta Fire supplies a range of fire fighting nozzles, from selectable gallonage nozzles, shut-off and pistol grip nozzles, assault and twister nozzles, lightweight dual flow nozzles, and speciality brass nozzles, all the way to foam nozzles and self-inducing nozzles.
  • Branch Pipes & Nozzles. Delta Fire provides a wide range of branch pipes that help to direct, shape and regulate the flow of extinguishing agents. We stock the best quality branch pipes, as well as nozzles, in various materials and sizes to suit your specific requirements.

In addition to product sales, we also offer full servicing and support across all areas of water delivery equipment. For more information on our range of fire fighting water delivery products in South Africa, contact us today.